Does it worth to fight in new gyms?

I was really looking forward to fight and try new system. Well I was disaponted because it is again just clicking on the screen. But my question is: Does it worth to fight other team from a gym? I mean all the gyms in my hometown are red. And it took a lot of time to get rid of one single pokemon… I am not super strong but 1 fight is only= -400 cp, so get rid of 6 2500+ cp, take a lot of time… what is your opinion about it? Other thing is that I am wondering about is if somebody was feeding this pokemon all day and all night… because morale is almost full all the time (I was observed it, also during the night).

If I have trouble completing the gym in 1 go, I just leave after 1-2 pokémon and clear those first.

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It’s probably more efficient to see if there’s a friendly gym near that still has an open slot, if it’s just about the coin rewards.
I’m enjoying the battling itself, though, because I can finally solo gyms again (even if it takes a relatively long time). I usually can kick out a 'mon at full motivation in about 3 battles, and the battles get easier as time goes on.

So is it worth it to attack opposing gyms considering the coin rewards? Only if there aren’t any free slots in friendly gyms nearby. But it’s certainly possible to solo even full gyms (I’m level 25, so not exactly a high level player) and get at least a few coins out of them. Just keep in mind that unless other folks from your team join in the gym will likely be taken down again relatively quickly.

I had exctly the same feeling.

Plus it took me 3-4 battles to beat a gym with only 1 pokemon.

So at the moment I don’t fight any rival gyms anymore.

And the 50 coins per day is also very disappointing.

And I fought 2 Raid Bosses today but those fights are exactly the same as fighting a mon in a gym. Nothing special.

Personally it’s quite a deception the new system.

I had expected more.

I kinda got it figured out. I close a restaurant for my job. When I get off, it’s like midnight or later. I load up the gyms before heading home to bed. Everyone’s asleep and the hours they sit while we all sleep get me damn near the 50 coins daily max.

Today I had bunches of stuff returned to me with no reward and couldn’t figure out why. That was why. I hit my daily limit right from wake up.

Also, really fun and cheap thing. It was raid-a-palooza today. Damn near every gym. Here’s the trick. If you take down an enemy gym that has a raid eggs hatching it never changes color. I mean it “does”. Your in. It’s your team’s now, but on the world map view it stays the old team’s color. Perfect so no one knows what your hitting where ever. Even better, when the egg hatches the whole regular door gym is slammed and locked shut. You cant even see who the hells in there.

Good timing scores you some clock.

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Case in point. I just got off of work. Maybe 12:20. Open up the game. A blissey I threw, maybe, 2 hrs before work started was kicked back…carrying 50 coins with it.

Yup. I’m done for the day. Any guys I throw are for fun. Any dudes that come back bring me nothing.

They need to put it back to 100.

TBH, how easy it is to max collect might be what actually helps a lot of you on the scarce team’s have actually more success then before.

Think about it. Before hand, to get 50 coins for your daily collect you needed 5 guys currently in gyms when the timer hit. It involves careful knocking and finding hidey holes and hoping for continued periods of inactivity.

Well, now to get that you just need to make 5 hrs in one day. Could be one lucky guy. Could be 5 for 1 HR each. Employing my tactics from above this is retardedly easy to do. Even in high turn over areas.