Does anyone here play Pokémon Quest?

Kinda self-explanatory (30 char)

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I do not play Pokémon quest


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What is that

It’s a game

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I have it but I don’t like the game so soon I don’t have it anymore.

I know it’s a game but like what kind RPG


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I’ve been playing the game. My team isn’t the best because I’ve been playing it kind of casually.
But I have 2 shinies, a butterfree and a psyduck.
I also have as my team starmie, jolteon and exeggutor.
My starmie only has attack power stone spaces so it’s hp is about 200 and attack around 4500.

What stage are you on?

Idk on vacatio cant check im on the stages before mewtwo
Power is ~10000

Here’s my team


What’s your team total power?

Nah, I know graphics don’t make the game, but these blocky characters fad indie games started really don’t appeal to me.

I do think about getting into Pokémon Duel, though.

My team total power is like 4500 lol.

I’m trying to get Lapras but there’s a 4.5% chance…


Are you on the Chamber of Legends yet?

Not yet. Still beating the last few bosses before that