Does anyone else have problems with the new Adventure Sync?

The screenshots say it all. The new Adventure Sync appears and disappears. The notifications and News in the News tab are gone. Friend function is gone.

Does anyone else have these problems?
Also, I think the Adventure Sync is live…

Edit: I just received a Gift, opened it, and my friend feature came back. I restarted the game (I was curious) and the bugs came back.

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It is not live yet. I do not have it

All these screenshots are from my own account.


Well, nobody has it working.
Maybe you are a Beta-Tester, hahahaha

Which version of the app you are using?
Have you done any special?

I have no idea. I’m happy it disappeared. It caused a lot of bugs. Maybe that’s also the reason why de Adventure Sync disappeared so fast.

I am using 1.93.1 if that matters.

I’m using 0.125.1, and there’s no trace of using this functionality. Maybe your version wads a test, and they have taken it out again.

Noo, now I see, this is the series for IOS, so maybe you can see it, and I, with Android, can’t see it.

It has just come back. And the friend system has gone again.


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So, been reading online about the Adventure Sync feature, and a bit confused… I have an Android phone (Samsung S5)… is that all I need? Just enable the sync, turn off the game and it works? or do I need a Google Fit or an Apple Watch?

I’ve heard some people say you need Google Fit for it to work, some people say it runs off the phone’s GPS data no other devices needed. Other day I got an award for walking 3K, and I didn’t have the sync enabled yet…?

So… can someone dumb it down for me?

With only having my Samsung S5… will Adventure Sync work?

or, do I need other hardware/software?


That’s annoying, MOD closed my thread off and added to this… not really the same issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s the same, having problems or what need so it works properly…

But for answering as far as I know.

I’m using Android, and in the beginning I had it working without GoogleFit. But this way it can only measure the kilometers (as in the Badge) and the hatched eggs.
When I had added the GoogleFit, it started to show the steps and the energy.

Wasn’t the adventure sync thing announced as a level 40 thing at one time? I’ve no idea why that would be the case; but it wouldn’t be the first game ‘feature’ that didn’t quite make sense to me.

It was, but I got it even earlier than the TL40’s…