Does anybody knows what weather service does Niantic use?

I have no idea, so let me know if you know what weather service does Niantic use for weather effect.

Most likely Openweathermap, since they already use OpenStreetMap

I though it was google or accuweather

I don’t know but whatever it is, it is terrible. I was outside in my neighborhood playing when the feature first launched, and it was sunny for real but raining in-game. I’ll take it, I can only seem to get out in sunny weather.


I got worse luck. It was snowing but classed as sunny - I wanted those ice types…

I belive they use multiple sites, and this is definitely one of those:
I’m pretty sure this one is used for checking the severity of the weather.
Don’t know any other though.

PogoHub did an article on this.

TLDR version:

The game relies on multiple weather alarm services around the world. Those weather services publish weather alarms that use a Level 1 through 4 scale to describe alarm severity:

Hazardous weather (warning, bonuses still active) is triggered by a Level 2 alarm

Extreme weather is triggered if any of your regional weather services issues an Level 3 or 4 alarm

In Australia they are using accuweather.

The day weather appeared in app for the first time, I checked accuweather’s hourly forecast which stated storms for 11am, come 11am, weather changed to rain in game. Ever since, in game weather has perfectly reflected what was shown in accuweather.

You know what? It’s cloudy here and game thinks it’s absolutely dangerous weather…

UPDATE: It was just bit windy but still: