Do you like the gym rework?

So personally, I like how there can only be 6 pokemon a gym (the old system could fit ten) and how you can feed berries. But I miss the training. Please vote below

  • I hate it
  • I like it
  • I love it
  • I’m OK with it
  • I have no idea

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Its almost a year old


I guess you are way too late with this.


Bit still i love it.
It helps rurals so they can get more coins.

I only hate EX raids.

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I loved that glitch that gave me my Mewtwo

I got one Pass…

When I was in Italy and the location of the EX raid in the Netherlands😔


I hate it because there’s literally no competitiveness ( I do like raids though)

On the other hand, this lets lower levels play the same game without being left out

Doesn’t it make rurals get less coins? Because I certainly do. I now average a terrible 4 coins a day from holding gyms for weeks or months. Before I could have gotten 100 coins a day

Imagine my example.
I have 2 gyms, in the old system i could get a max 20 coins a day.
Now i get almost every day 50.


I do get my daily 50 coins. But that’s mainly because my area is dominated by Valor and I’m Valor.
It’s easy for me to fill a gym with 6 pokemon because there is plenty of Valor around me.
It’s a very different story for Mystic and Instinct where I live.
I don’t like the idea of getting paid for getting kicked out the gym.

Rurals have it a million times better now
Imagine there is only one gym in a village, but two teams
With the old system, you could get up to 10 coins per day, and that was if the second team didnt get any
Now, you can take shifts, and both teams would get 50 every day


Kinda have that

i HAVE THAT MY brother is red I yellow we do that

If it ends up working like that then that’s good. But there are rural areas where only one team plays and there are 15 gyms. Everyone fills up the 15 gyms with 6 pokemon each, and then they take weeks to be taken down. When they are taken down, it’s 50 coins each because they all get taken down at the same time. Previously we would have all got 100 coins per day.

If it takes 3 weeks to take down (often it’s longer than that) then each gym averages a coin every 6 days 8 hours, which would be an insane length of time for any city gym to stand for 1 coin, but out here it’s normal. I am however currently levelling up a new account to hopefully solve this problem but progress has been slowed down by recent server issues.

“rural” and “15 gyms” in one sentence?

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Ik our local area had a lot of ingress players. We have about 35-50 pokestops as well.

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