Do you invest on Legendaries even with the chance of them getting better event moves?

I read an article on gamepress, and the part that interests is: Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades are already coded.
Even if we only get a legendary with 90% IVs, its still fun to power it up, because we know its a mighty pokemon. But what happens when we know this mighty pokemon gets a mightier 2.0 version during a 3hour event window? Why power your old one anyway?
Every Legendary has a signature move, so if Niantic releases it for the first time on a event, we can be sure that it will happen to every other Legendary. On Gen IV we can just hold a few Dialgas and Palkias until they get a more powerful move.

Go Hub already had an article on this issue. I too think its a dumb problem. Why not let us TM our old pokemons during an event? I think it seriously discourage a player to invest hard earned stardust on something that will definitely be better on the future.


Exactly, thats my biggest concern
Think I might stop powering them up

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Im just keeping my Groudon at a decent level. Its only 2900 after weather boost


i never power up any legendary except mewtwo

Yea, that makes sense and it also incredibly sad! On the core games, when we manage to score a Legendary, we cant wait to get it to lvl 100!
I think Niantic is doing something random on this subject. They don’t know how to manage this issue.
Take Articuno and Zapdos Day. We had a Shiny released during a 3h window, and the next we had a shiny with a slightly better moveset. I just had powered a Zapdos a week before, only to see it being outclassed by himself. It’s incredibly annoying!

Niantic could at least let us TM the “exclusive” move during said event. Even if after it’s no longer available through TMing, it’s still something.


Yes! Or add an exclusive tm!

I’ve never powered up a Legendary yet.


Same here. I’m currently using Rare Candies on “better” Pokémon.

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I put most my rare candy into Rayquaza 98 IVs

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You have more than one?

Naw just 1 so by default he’s my favorite one

Yes there will always be a danger that all your hard earned time and resources will be wasted by a release of better moves or better Pokemon. It’s just part of the game and players need to to be smart about some of the choices they make.
If Powering one up helps you take down the next one that’s’ released easier/quicker then the spend is worth it at the time. everyone’s circumstances/needs will be different.

Thats not the problem
The problem is that regardless of what Kyogre any of us got, the OP one will ALWAYS be better, so if we got great IVs, they are effectively useless
This isnt like CD where you can wait with evolution, not getting the move means its already outclassed


I don’t mind the release of better Pokemon. I think the problem is the release of exclusive better movesets, which will make your pokemon outclassed by himself.

Picture Zekrom getting a nerf, and also doesn’t get Wild Charge. Sure, he still has massive stats, but he may be only a little better than Raikou, so we power him up anyways. And then, 1 year later, Niantic adds a special Gen V event, and you got a Zekrom that knows Bolt Strike for 3 hours. Another ex, but I’m not sure on this one, is if Zekrom comes without a electric fast move, and they add a Volt Switch one later.
This is annoying not on the Raid scenario, but the coming PVP scenario. Imagine us, PoGo vets, getting our Hydro Pump Kyogres annihilated by a newcomer Bolt Strike Zekrom, while we’re holding our event Zekrom back because we’re on a Rare Candy shortage.

Besides, @Necrozmadabest made a point on IV’s. On normal raids, we get a full month to catch a decent IV one. These events gives us 3 hours. Chances are, you’ll get a 13 ATK 80% something, but still outclasses your 98% catch from a year later.

Anyways, I don’t think if they allow TM’s during these events, like the first CD Pikachu did would break the game, expecially with PVP coming maybe this year.

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I’m fine with better Pokemon coming out. But with Zapdos for example where the best move by far was raid only and only during a 3 hour period, some inequality is going to occur. Maybe it could come back, fast TM only and it’s a 10% chance. Those who didn’t or couldn’t attend still have a chance to get a good Zapdos.

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Its not that much about Zapdos, but Mewtwo, Kyogre and Groudon have their signature moves in the files already, and they are the best Pokemon for their types
Zapdos was, is,and will be outclassed (TS Zapdos, Raikou, Electivire, Zekrom…)

Electrivire, a non legendary, will outclass Zapdos? Will you use him?

Best Electric DPS if he gets Thundershock/Wild Charge
I have a 100IV Electabuzz Ive hatched, so I might max him out if he does get the good moves

Yep and his bulk is good.

Well… Not really, its frail