Do you have good IV Shinies?

I have 2 good IV Shiny Dratini,thats it.

And i evolved 1 Dratini to Dragonite.Its super strong!

My only good one is my shiny 97% Lugia. Then again, I like that one a lot.

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93% Shiny Dratini/80% shiny Bulbasaur

I hatched 96 shiny dratini while gps drifting nearly got wild snorlax as well

93% Lugia and 91% Dusclops are my best two

80% Gyarados, 98%, 91% and 82% aerodactyl, 71% ho-oh, 88% mawile

Well what is a good IV to begin with? You may say 90+ but 91 attacker packing only Atk11 isnt a good IV IMO. If talking in general I have 93 dragonite and 91 ho oh, both with 12 and 13 atk respectably

Unfortunately not, all my shinies have bad IVs. :frowning:
40% Charizard, 75% Raichu, 73% Gyarados, 53% Kabutops, 28% Ampharos, 15% Tyranitar, 47% Altaria, 77% Kyogre

The luck I have in finding them seems to be related to my bad luck in finding good ones. Oh well, at least my Pokédex is looking good.

My best IV shiny is my 93% Venusaur, closely followed by a 84% Aron. All others are crap…

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