Do you have any shundos?

They are perfect and shiny i have 0

I have as many as you do. 0.

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Nope. None here either.

None here either. Hubby has 2.

I have none.
Cat has one (totodile)
Mrs. celery has one (cinzano)


I have 2. The Onix is my current Power Up Quest user. It will be Evolved into Steelix once it hits L40.

I have one, Registeel

I don’t have shundo’s. I do have Shninety-eights though

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Me too

The Magmortar is a hatch during christmas last year when i was nest hunting bell-stantlers.
The smoochum is a bow one from the event we had recently.


Darn lucky cat. I think that’s the only shlundo I’ve seen.

  • Should have looked closer; I might have noticed that @Punica just showed THREE of them. Congrats to both of ya.

I have recently another “Post your Shundos” thread, so I’ll close this one.