Do you have a Discord Chat in your city for POGO?

Do you have a Discord Chat in your city for POGO?I have one,and i am proud to be a Discord Tester in our city :grin:

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Yes. We use it to coordinate Raids and it has been especially helpful in coordinating Community Days and the Legendary Bird Raid Events.



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Probably, I have a good idea that we do.
Hi @Robdebobrob!

Nope. We have a Telegram channel with a bot to coordinate our raids (760+ members). All we need to do is tell it what, when and where. Then you can say if you want to come and how late.

Theres like a dozen different whatsapp groups. There still is a “raid chat” but its used for everything except raids now so i left it. Im still in the Instinct group (~90 members) and 1 with just a few friendly players.

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Yes, a very well organised and run one.
The owners are also the Map owners. Our Map now is open access for all users to report the quests from Poke Stops.

We have a whatsapp chat

We have a discord group in Iceland, most however use Facebook within municipalities to coordinate raids and sightings :wink:

How did you ever install discord?
When i tried to installed it when i was 10 it said the minimum age is 11 and the age i did on my discord account, phone, and gmail is 37

Minumum age is 11?

Wow, random…

I think
Cus i could access it when i was 11

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I have no idea how to install it. An admin did it for me on my phone during a raid. But my 10 year old son had no problem installing it on his phone and he is right there following along with our conversations.

Maybe time ago you have activated some parental controls, so your son couldn´t use some features?

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I wouldn’t even know how to do that. My son is just way more advanced then me when it comes to technology.