Do we need villians(Team Rocket)?

Many have said they would like to see quests implemented. The addition of Team Rocket would be a great way to add missions and quests.What do you guys think? Random gyms being taken over by TR and it would be up to us to rescue the stolen pokemon. When TR is defeated you get random items that you arent sure what they are for. Maybe a chance to build a forever incubator? I want to hear all comments and ideas.


Or rather team rocket made the some raid bosses. Like a robot Meowth, Wobeffet etc etc… battling giant meowth will drop lots of coins via move payday lol. Team Rocket has so much enjoyment in the pokemon world, certainly a great add to the game!


No, we don’t need Team Rocket because we have Niantic. - they are the villains of this game.


I already made a forum thread to discuss quests in Pokémon GO. You guys should check it out, my ideas are pretty similar to yours.

Yes that whould be cool but the Pokemon getting taken not so much

Yes most definitely a team rocket element. Maybe they can be the fourth team. I do like the idea that they get to attempt to take something from you and then you have to battle them to take it back. Now that might cause a lot of complaints from the younger players but I like the idea. However, maybe adding them as an NPC would work better??? So many possibilities.


This would be super dope. I would love to see something like that added eventually.

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Thats actually a pretty good idea…i feel like niantic is dropping the ball with this. The idea of Team Rocket being a team is genius!

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All jokes aside, I think that the addition of Team Rocket, quests and challenges are needed in Pokemon Go to keep the game exciting.

Include them in quests, maybe even add quests like ‚ÄúTeam rocket took over your gym! Beat Petrel/Archie/Proton/Giovanni in battle to reclaim it!‚ÄĚ

And of course, later add superior teams like Plasma

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Sounds like Niantic should get an email from someone to get good ideas.

Whilst team rocket would be cool, I believe that we should get some way to get legendaries without raids first.