Do Pokemon become harder to catch as you become more advanced in the game?

I’m now a level 9 player(getting close to level 10). I’m on that 7 day quest so I can finally have Eevee(future Flareon). I visited 2 Pokestops today. At the first stop, I caught my 5th Vulpix! However, I was not as lucky on my way back from the 2nd stop. Another Vulpix showed up, but this time it got away. It would have been my 6th Vulpix which would be ideal(for said mon has 6 tails). I was a bit bummed out. Vulpix are a real treasure. I am lucky that I have captured 5 in a week. I never had any problem catching Vulpix before; This was the first time one escaped. I believe it was because I didn’t throw in a razzberry. I looks to me like razzberries are much needed at this level or the Pokemon will likely run away. There are some Pokemon in particular that are naturally stubborn and resistant to being caught such as Cyndaquil, Gastly, Chikorita, and Pikachu. Pikachu is especially are hard one to get. They may look adorable and charming, especially in a costume, but they won’t let you catch them.
I just ran out of razzberries on my way home and every single Pokemon ended up running away from that point on. I ended up wasting a lot of balls to where I have one throw left. I will have to go to that stop again later on to get stocked up again.

Certain mons do seem more challenging to catch than others, and you hit some of the ones I find harder to catch. Charmander, Squirtle, Turtwig, and Treecko also seem more prone to break out of catches than they ought to be.

If you keep running out of berries and balls, add some friends and get in the gifting habit. You might soon find getting enough gifts to send to your friends and repeatedly running out of bag space to be bigger problems than running out of balls and berries.


I see, thanks!

Some Pokemon are a pain to catch and I know it in advance. Cherrim, for example, is going to steal several Pokeballs before running away or getting caught. lol


Maybe it’s because when you level up, the posible levels of the mons grow as well, until they reach the max wild level?

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Only Niantic could tell you exactly but they never will.
I do believe from experience that break out rates do increase very marginally with increase of your level.
Some Pokémon do have harder catch rates naturally too.

When you reach higher levels the wild Mons will also start reaching higher level - and the trainer level doesnt impact the catchrate

I agree, but higher Mon level gives higher CP, and a Mon with 10 CP is easier to catch than a 1500 CP.

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CP also doesnt matter, nor do the IVs
The following things influence the catchrate:
Pokémon’s level
The species
Whether or not you hit the circle (and then how big it was)
Whether you used any berries
And wether or not you threw a curveball

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So in one point we agree, higher Mon level, more dificulty… :smiley:


There are just some days like today that are bad days when it comes to catching Pokemon. Today, every one I encountered kept breaking out of the Pokeball and running away. I would use up 5 balls until the Pokemon eventually took off. I found a Ponyta for the first time and I was unsuccessful at capturing it. I was a little bummed about about it especially because it was a lovely fire type that I have not encountered before.

There used to be a chart that showed the flee/break out percentage of each Pokemon … I’m not sure if it still exists though.

The info for each is on its information page on GoHub, and a consolidated chart exists on bulbapedia.émon_by_catch_rate_(GO)

A couple of charts for Kanto and Johto regions only:émon/

Lastly, I found this page on GoHub to be quite relevant to the question, too:

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there are so many factors that influence catchrate that it’s just too long to list here.

Just keep this is mind:

  • Rule number 1 when it comes to catching Pokemon: ALWAYS, and i really do mean ALWAYS throw curveballs. That alone increases catchrate by 70%. Also aim for great throws or better. Even nice thows helps but great throws are easily doable.
  • you lack medals. once you have the gold medal for example for flying types, then flying types are caught easier.
  • last important note: some pokemon simply have a higher flee rate. A wild Dratini is harder to catch then a Pidgey, no mattter what.

Once you get the hang of hit, the chance of not catching a pokemon is nearly gone.

The general strategy seems sound. But “ALWAYS” and “easily” might have a hard time overcoming real-world imperfections, particularly regarding differences in device performance and player potential.

i agree, but if you’re not throwing curveballs then IMHO you are not allowed to complain if pokemon break out and flee. Even i throw the occasional normal ball, but if it flees then i don’t care. Heck, i play with the GoPlus, 50% of that flees, but i don’t mind
Curving is simply rule nr 1. If you break that rule, it’s on you, no matter your excuse.

Device performance is no excuse for me though. If you play on a toaster that is your choise, but don’t come here complaing about fleeing pokemon then :slight_smile: