Do players using trainers club sign in really have to manually sign back in every time they play?

I would ask this at the trainers club site, itself; but their “support” is nothing more than a FAQ, and it doesn’t address this question.

To start breaking in a new trainer I made a trainers club account and use that to sign into the game (since it wouldn’t let me create a different google-linked trainer). When I close the app for any reason and then start it again, the auto-sign-in waits seemingly forever, until I sign out and sign back in. This might be tolerable if it kept my settings between sign-ins; but I have to turn the sound back off and re-enable the battery saver every time.

When the net was bogged down, the sign in took a long time to complete using my google account; but it eventually completed if I waited a few minutes. I’ve waited an HOUR for this to work using the trainers club sign-in without having to sign out and sign back in, and it’s still waiting. If I sign out and then sign back in it will finish in 15 seconds.

If it’s going to require that, then it should at least have the close-app function sign the player out, itself, ask us if we want to sign out before closing, or preserve the settings. The way it is now is not user-friendly, it’s user-hostile.

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To answer your original question, no. People who use trainer club (i do for 2nd account) just load the game and they stay logged in (i think…)

No we do not have to. (I use ptc and atm it works Perfectly fine )

Trying again today, I find the trainer club login working correctly (including being able to be reused after closing and reopening the app). Whatever was broken yesterday appears to have gotten fixed; my thanks to whomever fixed it.

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