Do Niantic really want us all to be spoofers or Go against the TOS?

In my town/community the EX raids have been ruined for players who has a day job. The last eight weeks in a row Niantic invited us to EX raids at 1 p.m. on everydays. It’s becoming a real problem for many of us because we obviously have to be at work at 1 p.m. We also have a lot of spoofers invited to our EX raids, but they can off course still be at work and play their EX raids. So does Niantic really want us all to become spoofers to be able to turn up? It’s certainly seems that way because our complaints have been totally ignored by Niantic - they obviously don’t care about the problem and keep inviting us at 1 p.m. on weekdays. We managed to do many of the EX raids we couldn’t do otherwise by letting other players do the EX raids for us even though it’s against the TOC. However, that’s obviously not a satisfying solution for us in the long run. Spoofing is an even worse choice, but if another EX boss turns up, it might be too tempting not to spoof? I don’t understand why Niantic keeps ruining the EX raids, since they are one of the biggest rewards in the game. If we don’t get any EX rewards it might make many of us spoof instead and that might ruin our community at some point. Sad but true!

Well, first of all i want to say i think its great you manage to have your community do EXraids with the solution of letting other people do it for you. Considering the weird system, i think it shows a good sense of teamwork, and a healthy community attitude towards solutions for your problems.

I think the problem of timing is gobal. Obviously weekdays arent great, but i can see why Niantic would want to have a few EXraids during weekdays. Not all of us have a standard monday-friday 9-5 rhythem. I myself am an example of that.
But the time really does seem weird. Theres 3 raids here tomorrow. 13:00, 13:30 and 18:00. The one at 18:00 isnt a problem, the others are difficult for most people.
Niantic claims the EXraid time is based on the trigger raid times. Kinda makes sense cause raiding on saterdays and sundays is popular after the lunch. But its just stupid that translates to lunchraids on work/school days.

I would advise against starting to spoof for EXraids. Besides the obvious reasons (against TOS, probably will get you banned for a long time, possibly account removed), its an easy step from “just 1 EXraid” to “just 1 gym”, “just 2 missions”, “just 3 catches” etc. etc.
I can see how a community would get destroyed like that.

You say the last 8 weeks the raids have been on troublesome times. That however means you managed to trigger Mewtwo for a steady schedule. So you can always trigger again and again and again if need be. Sure its not pleasant to miss a chance at an/another/a better mewto. But its not worth risking your account and community over in my oppinion.

This is a problem we all share. Evenutally, im sure Niantic will respond to it.

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It sounds like you already have a few Mewtwo, if you already have some why would you been encouraged to cheat and risk getting banned? I’ve missed 4 of my 7 EX raids because they were inopportune times or locations, but I was able to attend some. Be happy what you have, not unhappy with what you don’t have.

I have missed 6of the seven I have because of this and am likely to miss another on next time ad it’s over 100 miles away

Niantic je od početaka dao mogućnost dvaju računa Trener i Google račun oba idu preko istog g mala i sada daju mogućnost da se taj trener račun prebaci na Facebook račun iz čega se vidi da politika Niantica nije protiv dva računa

@Okram, maybe next time you could use a translator? If you use it, it’s one use, if nearly all users here have to use it, it’s a number much higher… :smiley:

I missed my first EX-raid today because I couldn’t go, 1 p.m is a shitty hour. I just thought I will get another eventually.
But plenty of people of my raid group couldn’t physically be there, so they would let other players on their account. Niantic doesn’t want players to multi-account but they are simply stimulating them to do so. Ironic isn’t it…

The large group I’m in have tested that claim by Niantic and we are convinced that’s not correct.
We thought we had confirmed it in the first week but the 2 after made us think otherwise.

The Study
3 target Gyms in 3 successive weeks that have never had Ex Raids before due to their obvious normal low activity. Our group of 30 accounts only Raids the Gyms after 4pm.
The large majority of the Raids we did happened to be after 5:30pm.
We’ve only had one Random player outside of our group rock up to one of the 2 Ex Raids conducted so far (that EX Raid was for a 1pm time).
The First week we got 6pm
The Second (mentioned above) for 1pm
The Third to be done next week is also for 1pm
We are currently working on a 4th Gym this week but in the last 3 days so far there has only been 2 Raids on the Gym between 4pm to end of day Raids. We Have Pokemon in the Gym and it’s being checked every hour by one of us so we are not missing any Raid opportunities.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not going to spoof, but I was asking Niantic if they are provoking us to become spoofers since they now schedule all our EX raids everydays at times most can’t come if we don’t spoof. If they schedule as they have done until now, it will take 9 weeks before the next weekend EX raids. We actually don’t mind everydays if the raid times were set from 5 to 8 p.m. Oh yeah we are helping each other trying to replace someone who can’t come if someone has a spare phone, but that’s not always the case - especially since we often have 2-3 EX raids in our town scheduled at the same time. However, that’s also against the TOS using other’s accounts, but that we don’t care about under the circumstances and since Niantic don’t care about us criticizing their EX raids since the beginning. I forgive Niantic since they get so many other things right after all and since I love the game. But maybe I won’t be so forgiving if they don’t change anything and I also start to miss out on the coming Deoxys EX raids. Then I will be mad as hell and become a free to play player.

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