Do I need my phone on the game?

I’m using an iPhone I I want to clock up kilometres to earn candy and hatch eggs do I need the game on ? Or can I minimise the game and lock the phone I.e have it on in the background whilst It clicks up mileage ? Thanks

If you have the app on and set you phone on stand-by, no. Otherwise: Yes.

It works if you have a Pokémon Go Plus. With that bracelet (you have to buy it in a media store or in the internet), you can put your phone in standby whilst running kilometres, catching Pokémon and spinning Pokéstops.

I don’t have any Apple, so I’m not 100% sure, but it should work with an Apple Watch as well.

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Ah so it does . Just went on a bike ride with the screen off and it calculated my kilometres.
How come there’s tons of people complaining that you need the screen on etc ? Is this before the updates ?

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Idk man.

Seems a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it calculates the distance I ride and sometimes it doesn’t
Anyone with an iPhone got any info on this ?

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That’s due to how hard you drive.

(Please somebody correct me if I’m wrong.)

I pushbike at a medium speed

If your phone haven’t told you, you need to slow down, it should work.

Do you guys have the game open and on screen for it to work ? If I put my phone on stand by it doesn’t calculate .
I wish this could be fixed

this is old info and might have changed a bit but these are the rules for getting distance (on your eggs):

  • once every minute the game tracks de distance you traveled
  • once every 4 minutes the game updates that distance to your eggs / medals / buddy
  • maximum allowed travel speed for distance = 10,5km per hour, anything above it will not register
  • maximum allowed travel speed for the rest = 40 km per hour, anything above and pokestops won’t work and pokemon won’t spawn anymore.
  • you need your phone and app unlocked / open to register distance
  • you can cheat some distance for above rule (i do this a lot) depending on your phone: close your phone with the app running, travel 500/600 meters fast (by car), reopen your phone. If done correctly, you will instantly get 500 meters. Most likely this is what happened for you @simmy
    I do this at a certain intersection close by home (close app at traffic light, drive home, park, get out of car and reopen the app) and when leaving from work to the first intersection. On both places my driving will be (way) too fast to register but this way i can easily get some meters, perfect for forced egg hatching + starpiece. Depends on your phone (mine is a bit slower) and doesn’t work with go plus of course. More distance problably won’t work because of the first rule
  • want to register distance but with the app closed: buy a Go Plus or Gotcha

Always. Reason is mostly that I don’t want to miss some mons.

Great at least there is a solution . Not ideal that I have keep my screen on for lengthy periods but oh well.
Thanks again guys