Ditto dodge bugged?

anyone also feel like when you fight as ditto that when you transform your dodge ability sometimes not responding?

I’m going to try tomorrow for you😉

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thank you

Well I tried out and my Ditto died before transforming, rip

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But to me, it worked —> screenshot’s too big. Don’t know what happened to you, but I hope it will be over soon😃

ty for trying the ditto you used unfortunly was low level.

128CP I think. But then I tried with an other one, and it was still able to dodge.

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i have like level 37 ditto i level it turn to charizard and then when i used my attack, and the moment to dodge arrived it didnt dodge, i will try again to do it today and see. i must admit i dont recall haveing problems when it turned dragonite for exemple.

Then I go looking again when a Charizard defends a Gym.

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