[Discussion] How do you decide what Pokémons you're keeping?

When you catch something, how do you decide if it will be candy or a Pokemon you will keep? And how many Pokémons you have?

For me it’s something like

  • 100% IV - keep

  • 90%+ IV - keep only if it’s a usefull Pokémon I might use some day

  • 82%+ IV - keep only if I’ll be using it for battle and training

  • less than 82% IV - keep only if it’s something that might end up in gym somewhere (like Snorlax 2300+ CP)

  • Lapras with good attacks - keep

  • 420 CP and 10 CP Pokémons - keep

  • right now at 270 Pokémons at level 35 but some cleaning needed

  • 50+ are 100%

  • 40+ are 10 CP and bubblestrat Pokémons

And yes, I do delete 98% Pokémons if they have sh*t attacks and are not Dragonite, Snorlax or Blissey.


High IVs or Best Movesets are ones I like to keep. I need to organize my pokémon box before the Rock event starts as well haha!!

If a pokemon isn’t useful - keep only 1 and best one (highest IV or best moveset)
If a pokemon is useful - keep all good moveset with good IVs
If a pokemon is useful and rare - keep all but terrible moves unless great IVs
Keep all pidgeys for exp runs with lucky eggs
Keep event pokemon extras for trading
Keep travel pokemon - 1st catches from trips
Keep all regionals - no matter what

Anyone still have their starter? I’ve kept my 10 cp charmander the entire time

Other than that, I keep at least one of everything. I have my army of attackers, I have my defenders and I have my regionals. I’m starting to develop a good group for prestiging, but still working on it.

I hate how many jolteons I have to keep, but all the Gyrados and dragonites make them necessary

im hoarding things i find uncommonly but i usually keep the highest CP all this time but boy i should have paid attention to the whole movesets things and IV stuff since last year but im only gettig hardcore into it this year

I like your list, but one cuestion…
I understand to keep the 10 CP Pokemons, they are weird but I like them as well,
but what happens with the 420 CP ones? What special you see in them? I have 2, but one a Poliwag with 67% IV and the other a Voltorb with 84%…

It’s a “weed smoker” thing. Other than that, nothing is special about 420cp mons in the game. It’s a personal thing for numbers. Like, 666, year of birth, etc.

Jiji, I was near to write that it’s ten times 42, the answer to every great question since Douglas Adams and his “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…

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Hello I have been forced to only keep 90 iv and up now unless it’s a super rare if it’s a snorlax I trade for 1 in my collection only if it has better moves and better ivs like I’ll trade in a lick earthquake and keep the zen HB /HB or even ZHB/HS / I have kept almost all my snorlax but made mistakes early on and got rid of all but 1 body slam snorlax cause the cp was low on them I have only hatched 3 and caught 10 ! Been playing since the 1ST week caught most of them by church and court house / I have 985 poks most over 80 iv and try to get at least 1 of every move set ever since I missed out on the omastar rock throw rock slide legacy and the drag breath gary. Need more than a thousand spots to keep all movesets for all these new pokes comeing / I’m up to 27 thousand catches and only lvl 36 but I play to have fun not to mass evolve and such I could be at lvl 40 if I bought lucky eggs and tried to lvl up

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Imagine, i’m still waiting for my first Snorlax… I’m lv 28, so in the way to your level there is still time, but I’m afraid that in this region there’s little chance to catch or hatch one…

I got my first Solex, I mean Snorlax at level 34. From hatching. There is hope bagguille! Enjoy that moment!

I have 3 666 mons :joy::joy:

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So true @Cirithungolem, that’s why I’m playing, but I would enjoy much more with a little bit of luck, hahaha.

And @jamzijai13, huh, 666, the number of the devil for some people, but there exists an investigation that the old texts are bad translated, and the correct number is the 999…

Keep if 90%+ IV. Never know if it will be useful
Keep 82% IV’s for everything except the most common trash (Pidgey, Rats, etc)
Keep pokemon in good prestiging range (800 - 1500 CP) Remove below 82% IV as you get enough. Eg., I keep around 10 Raticates, 4 of which are wonders. The lower IV ones will be replaced with 82%+ as I find them.
Keep super rare stuff or personally meaningful. I keep stuff for certain trips/events.

I tend to keep too much :slight_smile:

More of a collector than a battler here. I like keeping one of each Pokemon, usually the one with highest CP (I feel like IVs are pretty much pointless to look out for for me since I’m still far away from even Lv30). And I have a hoard of eevee’s for reasons of them being my gf’s favorite. :smiley:

Two conditions else they’re chum.
Must be a wonder.
Must have 2 15s or 3 13-14s
, 3 15s and a wonder is a no brainer.
Anything that doesn’t meet that are candy. Or kept for special reasons is Santa-chi and party-chu

I’m a lever 31 player with 374 in my bag I can hold 600 in total. I need to do some clearing up before gen 3 even though I will have enough room I feel my bag is cluttered. I always keep above 80 and always keep the highest CP even if it’s a poop Pokemon.

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50+ 100% IVs… WTF.

I’m 34 and I don’t have a single perfect IV pokemon. Either I’m extremely unlucky, or there are tons of people out there who don’t know what a perfect IV is.

Basically I try to keep at least 1 of each. Of those I only keep 1 of, I keep the highest IV, then CP. We’re talking like Pidgey, Ratatta, Spinnarak, Hootoot, Furret, Paras, Mankey, Murkrow… and on and on.

I don’t think I’ve ever transferred a dratini/larvitar or any of their evolutions. I have all of the legendaries I’ve caught. Though I am considering take that down to at most 6 of any given one. Axing the lower IVs.

If its one I think may be useful, if its below 80% it gets the axe, unless of course its the only one I have and I don’t have one above 80% then it stays… for now.

I have my Pokemon Storage expanded to the maximum 1000.
My collection is currently holding steady around the 835 mark.

Gee that a heap some of you might say?
What I keep is as follows:

  1. I keep all 100% and 0% IVs which accounts for between 70-80
  2. I keep 1-3 of the highest IV of every Pokemon
  3. I’ll keep some very high CP’s as long as IV is greater than 50% if they may be useful for battle (hello Golem)
  4. I’ve kept more than I should of Tyranitar, Dragonite, Blissey, Snorlax (Lapras got culled back 2 months ago)
  5. I’m hanging onto quite a few 90-96% IV Larvitar/Pupitar (will need to trim back at some stage)
  6. I’m hanging onto a few 80-91% IV Dratini/Dragonaire (will need to trim back also)
  7. I’m hanging onto a few Magikarp 90-100% Magikarp in case I want to expand my Gyarados collection beyond 6
  8. 2 of each Pikachu/Raichu hats.
  9. I’m an Eevee hoarder 80-100% IV mostly above 600CP
  10. I’m a Vaporeon hoarder in excess of 20
  11. I’ve kept all Ledgendary atm too.

I’m hoping the storage is going to be expandable come Gen 3 or I’ll have problems and need to re-think my collection.

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Doing nearly the same way as you @NotanotherKangaskhan, only I held at least one of each gender.