Different moves suggestions?

Hello all!

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go for a long time now and recently decided to catch and train Pokémon to face Gyms/Raid battles. I’ve been using Calcy IV checker to make sure I keep the higher IV Pokémon possible. Calcy also offers a “best possible moveset” feature just like the GoHub Database (which I’ve also been using to decide which species to invest and all that).

The thing is, more often than not they do disagree with each other. For example, Calcy tells me that the best possible moveset for Granbull is Snarl/Play Rough (100% [27,7 DPS]; A Rating for my level 30.0 Granbull), while GoHub’s Database says its best moveset is Bite/Crunch based on a simulator.

Which one do I go for?

I prefer 2 moves of the same type so that both moves will be effective against the opponent. So in this case Bite and crunch would be my choice. That said, Granbull isn’t a great attacker so I wouldn’t personally invest much in one.

Yeah, I’m not keeping this Granbull either, it was just an example. Another example I could use is Razor Leaf/Vine Whip on Venusaur. Calcy suggests that Vine Whip is better, bur GH Database informs me that Razor Leaf is the best move. Funny thing is that while Calcy says Vine Whip has higher DPS than Razor Leaf, the Database says the opposite. lol

Meanwhile, Calcy also says that Sludge Bomb is better than Solar Beam on said Pokémon (I unfortunately missed the Community day event). lol
I’ll go with the Database anyway since it seems to me it’s updated more often and I also prefer keeping 2 moves of the same type on a Pokémon (despite the fact the Database recommends Rock Smash over Bug Bite on Pinsir haha).

GoHubs’ choice moveset is usually a generalist moveset.

In other words, it’s the moveset that is overall most efficient against a variety of targets of different types.
Calcy somewhat takes specialisms into acount. So a fight of Granbull against a Fighting type or Dark type (Resistance + STAB + targets’ weakness) weighs slightly more than a fight against Psychic type or Ghost type (targets’ Weakness but no STAB or resistance)
Hence, on some sites Granbull is advised with Bite/Crunch (generalist moveset), while on other sites you’re advised to use Snarl/Play Rough (specialist moveset)

And even then, the sites don’t always agree on their specs. A lot of things also rely on how they fiddled with their simulator settings, whether they checked weatherboosts, and most importantly; the pokemons’ position in a party. Some pokémons will perform awesomely if they’re the first to attack (especially in raids this is noticable, and the reason why you should put glass canons at the front of your party: they’ll last longer than in other slots because the raidboss won’t have a charged attack ready to fire), others may have lower DPS, but much higher survivability, so they’ll still perform well in slot 2 or 3.

I see. Well, thank you both for your answers.

I guess that if I simply focus on getting 2 moves of the same type and STAB I should be OK, then (which would make the Mon have a generalist moveset if I understood it correctly).

All those moves recommendations are good to get to know the damage output you can get, but I guess one shouldn’t take them all to heart. Haha

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