Different leagues based upon lvl

Hi there.
After Draconius Go was launched I have been playing both until now when GEN III (50) was released.
After the initial weekend new monsters has dropped and all I see is Eevee and other crappy GEN I monsters.
I guess this is because “Hank” believes that a lot of new players jump in to play. And then they will get the early ones. But what about those above lvl 40? In Draconius Go players are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold league where your lvl decides witch one you are in. Beasts of third evolution’s or those hard to get are seldom seen in bronze league.

Here PG could have pleased all users by making a % between spawning of GEN I - GEN II - GEN II. I am so fed up og GEN I monsters…

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Thats why you need to walk, did you expect to complete the dex right away?
And if you did, you can always spoof

You did not understand what I wrote… Try to play DG and you will see… LOL

I think that it’s a good balance right now, enough of new so i feel like I’m getting somewhere, but not so many that I can finish in a week. If you had tiers like that, people who did not have time to level as much as others would start to be left out, and the community and socialising would take a big hit. This game is about the long journey, and if it was so easy there would be no sense of adventure and achievement. The harder it is to find thatone rare monster, the more special it will be once you do.

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