Didn’t know you could walk backwards


Wow unlucky.


Reminds me of the overflow glitch from FFVII

What if you lost a candy at -5 km…

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I just logged out, logged back in and it gave me an extra 7km that I haven’t walked, but no candy for it.

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I had That as well. This is a picture from may 2017

No I am Not a hacker, somewhere last year was an event which had as a bonus That buddy distantie was 4 times smaller

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If you search you will find posts about the same error at least one year ago…
It has no negativ effects, but you can use it at your favour.

This glitch has happened to me when I’ve gotten a bonus candy when walking my buddy (getting two candies for one) you can reset it by closing and reopening the app

Even hackers couldn’t do that, or am I just crazy?

If you hack crazy enough you could do anything. I am Not a hacker, I am a simple 15 year old enjoying the game.


AFAIK, its a common bug in the game. you will get 2 candies instead of 1 and it will ask you to walk the remaining kms.

All I do is switch my buddy, by that way, the bug will be resolved and you earn a free candy.

You can call it unethical or cleverly exploiting the bug. (Like the catching trick)

mine done the same

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