Did Rare Candy make Pokemon Go too easy?

OK, I know many people love rare candy, but I think that it has made Pokemon Go too easy. I mean, I know that some trainers just stall off of level 1 and 2 raids to get rare candy, then use it on their, say, Chansey to get more Chansey candy, and makes it easier to get a Blissey by evolving. Sure, most people like it, but I think that it just made Pokemon Go too easy, I mean, remember before the rare candy? You were pressed just to get more and more good pokemon. But now, most trainers just catch every single pokemon that has no pre-evolution, and do, maybe a hundred raids, then wait for all the rare candy, then give it to their pokemon so they can evolve to a better pokemon.

How does that make it easier, obtaining hundreds of rare candies instead of just catching a few of those


No, it’s just part of the game.

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Is hard to get rare candy I’m level 32 and get one to two candies per raid sometimes 4 if I’m lucky so it’s still pretty hard and don’t even ask about charge TM’s hardly ever get those but on the other hand have about 12 fast Tm’s

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Well, they aren’t getting it for free. To be fair they did win it because they completed a raid.

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Do you have any idea how hard it would be to power up a legendary? 20k per candy i’d be walking mewtwo for 6 years to max him out


@JoshHack You did walk a very long time with that articuno of yours.

But i only got 40 candy for it

At 20K per candy? That means you walked 800 kilometers with it!

I think.

I understand what you’re saying, but for me I don’t use rare candy on any mon I don’t have the complete evolution line in the dex. I could get salamence anytime I want, but I want to get the necessary candy by catching/hatching/walking…still about 25 away.

I did the same for metagross, gardevoir and milotic…just makes the game more fun for me


Honestly it was part of the original game so I don’t see why it’s shouldn’t be and what it would do if it didn’t function how it does now. They really arnt that easy to get and tbh, people can get great pokemon from sitting in nests for ages or straight up grinding catches. I don’t see how that’s different from grinding raids expect they have to pay for all the raid passes.


I do understand the point, too. I often thought the same, and I’m quite sure many of the players who do nothing but raiding have hundreds of rare candy and have an easy time getting Salamance, Flygon, their 10th Blissey, etc.
But when they think they have the time and money to do so, why shouldn’t they be the first ones to get a certain evolution or a a maxed out legendary? I’d rather spend that time and money to go out for dinner or to the movies with my significant other. So I’ll just walk the Bagon I hatched for quite some distance to get a Salamence. “Pokémon GO is my Cardio”

I myself raid occasionally and I have stocked up about 100 rare candies. I usually save them for legendaries that I want to power up for other raids. Very rarely - when I’m really really close to this one evolution I’ve been waiting for so long - I drop up to 3 or 4 into other Pokémon. To me, they are just too valuable to be spent on anything except legendaries. But this is just me, I guess.


My golden rule for myself is don’t use Rare Candy on what can be caught in the wild.
I don’t store them, I dump them into my Ledgendarys.

Yeah, did that for my Milotic. Only caught one Feebus, then hatched a decent one. Since I was going to be walking it at some point I just went ahead and walked it to evolution.

Doing a 100 raids is a very large and time consuming task. Could you imagine powering up a legendary if you didnt have rare candy. Either they would have to reduce the buddy distance to 5k or no one would be able to power them up except for hardcore players.

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