Did anyone else's outfits vanish?

Hi folks,

is that just my account or has anyone else noticed something like this ?
I bought a long while ago the mewtu outfit, including cap and shoes - most of my other outfits are earned ones. Then I changed to a “winter outfit” and my mewtu cap was gone.
Niantic, of course, claimed, I had never possessed it.
I found it later in the shop again, slightly redesigned, and had to buy it again.

And now the same happened again, this time shoes and cap, and neither is in the shop right now.
Also all my saved outfits have vanished all of a sudden.

Has this happened to anyone else ?

Maybe Team Rocket stole them?
Team Rocket school girls

Vanishing outfits? Not since a couple of crazy parties way back in college days. But that’s not what you’re asking about.