Dialga warps into Raids March 1st!

I hope I’m as lucky as I have been for Palkia. Also need to level up some Pokemon.


Didnt raid today to save free raid pass so ill have 17, ill do Two Dialga

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I thought about doing that myself, but then four raids today popped up literally within a block of each other, and two of them were EX Raid gyms, so I went in today. I still have quite a few Raid Passes to use, so I’ll go nuts for Dialga tomorrow, and skip Latias.

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Well, actually a 24 hour notice before the new boss this time. Wich is weird cause Palkia was supposed to be gone by now…

It is gone. It’s Latias that’s still around, but only until tomorrow. Latias leaves just as Dialga lands.

It is snowing here, so I doubt kids will have school. Looks like we will get Dialga in the afternoon!

Nice, boosted Dialga! Where I live, the odds of finding a boosted dragon are 0.
Well, I’m sure gonna dump some RC on a DB/DM Dialga.

Will max out if I get a hundo but probably not gonna happen
Will only raid with free passes, Dialga isnt worth any coins

Yes. Finally @Jaxxon8 wants to do a raid. He didn’t care about Latias last weekend because he already caught a bunch of her.

For my first clueless question of the day: Are a bunch of those premium raid passes, or is there some way to accumulate unused free passes?

Yes i have a bunch of premium raid passes from the box. Plus 2 free raid passes.

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I have now 104 Premium Raid Passes, because I never find the moment to use them… (and 98 Lucky eggs, and 136 Star pieces…)


Since regirock came and went, I have not gotten a single legendary raid boss, so that means I didn’t get Mewtwo, Giratina, Cresselia, Heatran, Palkia, and now probs Dialga, what a mess.

Why have you been missing so many Legendaries?

I’ve only gotten a Latias since Regice’s disappearance. Guess I should look for some Dialga tomorrow.

Edit: Forgot about Moltres Raid day. Got some Moltres back then as well.

School, piece of crap place, all I need to know is to spell, read, add, multiply, subtract, know fire safety, and how to use electronic devices.

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Dont underestimate the power of math

Square root of 49 NOW