Dialga Raid Boss

2017-12-18-20-37-11-Dialga is a Gen 4 Legendary Raid Boss with a Raid CP of 57895 and Max Capture CP of 2365 (likely level 20 100IV)
Counters: ???
Again, i was bored.

Counters: Rhyperior (if it doesnt have Flash Cannon), Gallade, Blaziken, Machamp, Heracross, Hippowdon

Dont forget Groudon, Garchomp, Lucario(because of its resistance to steel and dragon moves), and Mamoswine (same idea as Rhyperior, hopefully no flash cannon) as a counter

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Be patient, gen 3 just came out, and the last thing I need are anymore legendary raids =_=

Edited cursing out and issued warning to poster.

I agree with what your saying minus the unnecessary cuss words.
Remember kids that don’t need to see that, read and are welcome use this forum too.