Dialga / Palkia Re-Release

Do you think a re-release of Dialga and/or Palkia may be likely? I have a feeling so as they’re currently doing Giratina, the mascot of Platinum, so it would make sense to re-release the other two Sinnoh mascots right?

Plus I need to get more Dialga candies to max out my Hundo, as I’m saving up on Rare Candies.

Of course. But only we have no idea when.

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Giratina returned for Halloween, after Origin form leaves we will likely get either Regigigas or the Tao trio

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Or Darkrai after it being made transferrable.

I’m eagerly awaiting their return so I can hopefully finally get some 96% and above. First time around they gave me nothing.

I am waiting for their shiny variants.

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Given its mythical status, I would bet EX Raids like Deoxys
But who knows

Also a viable option indeed. Maybe with Giratina Origin shiny during Halloween in normal T5 raids. BUt with NIantic you never know. :slight_smile:

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