Device for PoGo

Is there anyone having Samsung J7(2017)?I’m considering buying it.Its has 3 GB RAM.Will the app run perfectly or will it lag a lot?Please help!

Is the one your looking at a J7 or J7 Prime?

J7.I’m also looking at Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and Xiaomi Mi A1 both with 4GB RAM.

Not sure how the specs of a J7 compare against a J7 Prime?
I’ve had a J7 Prime for 3 weeks now. It’s used purely as a Pogo playing device and nothing else, not even as a Phone.
When playing normally it’s fine for to click and catch. Where it falls behind my iPhone 6s is when flicking through the appraisal system. It’s struggles to go at the same rate and I deliberately have to go slower.
I suspect the lag issues I’m having with the Go Plus paired to it are partially the phone not just the Go Plus works better on iPhone than Android as they were originally designed for iPhone than adapteded to work with Android.

I have a Samsung J7 (2016), and it works fine with no lag. If I can run it perfectly on the 2016 version, you should be fine with a 2017 version.