Deoxys- What’s going to happen?

What do you all think about the release of Deoxys? Ex raid? Special Research? And stats- obviously they’re not in the game yet, what’s going to happen to the speed form?

I would probably say ex raid, but how would you get the different forms?

Maybe it’s best stats? (It would be hard to get it’s Speed Form though)

EXraids gets to much negativity so they arent going to put a new pokemon in there i think.
My guess is Special research… Eventually.

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My guess definetly goes to EX Raid
I think that the pixie mythicals will stay in quests (maybe with Arceus) while the others (Deoxys, Darkrai, Keldeo, Genesect) will be EX Raid bosses

Face it, they are going to replace Mewtwo by the end of the year, and there arent many candidates for that

Most likely the last pokemon to come into special research

I hope it’s Special Research rather than Ex raid. For me, living in a rural area, Special Research is hard enough, and it’s even harder to get an Ex pass!

I say Special Research because it’s a Mythical.

Why is special research hard for rurals?
Only the ghosts are a little challenge

To be fair, Gyarados and 10 raids are quite challenging as well

Special Research


This is how Deoxys will happen: Suddenly, you’ll hear a loud noise outside (In real life). Your phone gets an emergency notification that a massive meteorite is headed towards our planet! You run outside, and see an object the size of the International Space Station hurtling towards you! You quickly run inside, and hear a massive crash just outside your house, shaking the ground under your feet. After the crash, you run outside and see a massive crater in your front yard, with the strange meteorite at the bottom. You look down into the crater, and suddenly, a strange black object jumps out of it and morphs into Deoxys, standing right in front of you in real life! You quickly get out your smartphone, and launch the Pokémon GO App! You tap on the Deoxys on-screen, then proceed to miss three throws before actually hitting a great throw on the third. Deoxys breaks free! Suddenly, You see more meteorites heading towards earth! You throw another curve ball, this time just a “Nice” throw…But, it shakes three times, and you g-WAIT, how did it break out after three shakes?! The ground is shaking under your feet now as more meteorites crash into earth. With one, last attempt, you throw the best curveball you ever threw in your life, and…One shake…Two…Three…Suddenly the game freezes…For 5 long minutes, you stand there in utter fear. Did you get it, or not? Thoughts start racing through your mind: Should I restart the app? Should I restart the phone? Just then, Rayquaza appears in the sky and smashes the incoming meteor that was about to hit you (and the one that was blocking your cell service!) The game finally reconnects, and DEOXYS WAS CAUGHT! The meteorites have stopped, and you see news helicopters and vans approaching. You saved the world from utter disaster by catching Deoxys!!! You then check in your inventory, and press the appraise button! And it’s…Certainly…Caught…My attention…You throw your phone as far as you can in rage, and run inside, screaming.
And THAT, trainers, is how Niantic will release Deoxys.


Small problem: An meteorite the size of the ISS crashing right next to your house will utterly destroy said house, you and everything in a good radius arround it. Either that or the meteorite burns up in the atmosphere, leaving you with a heavilly overcooked Deoxys.


Well Deoxys defense is a tank, I think he can take a meteor mash!


Aye, Gyrados, Ditto, Raids, Gym Battles are a bit of a pain, I haven’t seen a ghost Pokémon in weeks etc.