Deoxys Raid Story

After discovering with @Mew1 on CD that a gym near me is an EX gym I decided I would walk to that area instead of the one I used to go to, it is only another 20 minutes to get there.

This area: 9 gyms and 30-50 stops in a 2 km area.

Before: 1 gym and 7 stops, and I chose never to go to the four gyms and two stops across the street due to a really bad street you have to cross.

I head to the gym with the EX Gym and I was extremely happy to see a raid would be hatching in a minute, a one star. Was hoping for this, and needed it to be a soloable raid.

But a minute later, when I tapped on it, I was confused to see the EX Gym tag was gone.

This is the gym, and it is at a park.
I check the gyms nearby and the gym right next to it was an EX.

You may think this is not worthy of a story , but the weirf thing is that the new ex gym isn’t a viable gym. Where it was placed is a petting zoo with nothing showing it is a park or sponsored.

You may want to check any gym now…

Has anyone else had a ex gym switch or anything related?


You may check it tomorrow to see is the ex raid tag is still gone

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Eh, think I am going to Japan town…
I always want to take a walk

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Or keep checking in next few days

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There was an ex raid gym near my school, “Het veldje” but it is not an ex raid gym anymore. Two of the other gyms became ex raid gyms though, “bycicle love” and “uil totempaal”

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:joy: I can understand

Near you school? Lucky you…