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Deoxys EX [email protected] you [email protected] your screenshots

I wish mine was cancelled too as I had no intention of going. The 7 Fee Raid Pass would have been very handy at while I’m chasing Big Cats.


Wait for the next one and pray that they cancel!:grin:

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When’s the next EX pass wave, anyone??

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Oct 15+16


But like no one got it


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Funny thing happened, last night invitations been sent out for the same gym we done EX last time but as far as I know only one person got it and it was my guest, now the strange thing is neither of us have raided that gym since…however this morning EX got cancelled


Thats 7 premium passes in compensation then!


I honestly dont know where you get 7 from because in every post Ive seen so far only been 2…

They at first give you 2, and then another 5!

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Two wont keep people happy!

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method of accomplishing this?

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By being invited to a sucky gym

No, the 5 extra passes. Cause i havent heared anyone about this either.

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I only see 2

Wait, will post when i see it again. Several people from my group here got 7.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever get Deoxys.

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Youve got to target EX GYMS. Ive my 2nd invite for Deoxys

Duoed him and only just failed with my kids Level 38 & 37, only because my son didnt max his Raid Tyras (averaging 2060cp) and only 1 selection was made on that new phone. If pre selection was made and/or maxed tyras, i would have beaten it in a duo duel.

Had to help out a level 22 & 20 in the end so didnt get the rematch. Next time DEOXYS, next time i’ll get you good in a Duo-duel!