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Deoxys EX [email protected] you [email protected] your screenshots

What exactly did you do? How many balls, what berry did you use, did you miss, did you do great throws?

Its easier than most, or rather the easiest legendary to catch. I kid you not!

I got my first EX invite after almost a year. I waited patiently and when it finally came, i got it with one excellent throw. If yours run, improve on what you did; your throwing, your curves, selection of berries, etc.

Its all mathematics; the rule of averages! The more you do, the better your chances. You learn when it runs!

High marks for an outstanding reference! Did you do that yourself? If there were a site with one of those for each kind of raid boss, it might be the only place I’d go to prep for raids.

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Basically you can get all sorts of questions answered on Go hub. Plenty of info like what pokemons to use as counter, how many trainers needed for raid boss, etc.

Certainly true; when looking for solo-raid recon, this is always one of the two sites I consult. But not all of the references reach the same degree of completeness or ease of use as that, even here.

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Google pokebattler. There you can see every raid with all the top counters for different weather types and friends boost if you want.

Well, if you keep researching and doing raids, youll keep improving. Here, i recently met people who call themselves master trainers but dont know what “Dratini” is!!! How on earth did they reach level 40, i wonder!!! And lately, strangers come to me and ask me to throw an excellent throw for they cant do one if their lives depend on it! Some cant catch Mewtwo…so im like the NGO…catching and doing excellent throw quests for strangers! LOL!

all were great or Excellent.

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So annoying to try to raid alone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I’m an idiot and all my revives are gone. Is this even possible?

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Deoxys solo? No not in this form.

Must say thats the first time ive heared it this way. Usually you hear the opposite story like “gonna need atleast 7 players to defeat it”.


I’m an idiot… or brave. Lol depends on the move. How are you supposed to do this if you don’t have local friends who play? :frowning:

Wait until other people show op :wink:
There cant be any ex raid without enough people being invited, i think

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Just bad luck, then. Alternate your berry usage and curve. Thats all.

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This Normal form you can do a duo if youre strong enough, perhaps even a solo if you use Tyranitars. Watch out for the Attack form, you may be able to do it on your own.

The tougher ones arent out yet…

Nice for a 1st attempt for my other half.


Lets just say youre optimistic :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah what @Brobraam says. There is a minimum number of people thats always invited to an EX-raid. I dont know the exact number but im gonna say 10 or so atleast. Just wait for people to show up and then make some new friends :wink:

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People here had EX Raids cancelled and were given pacifiers of 7 premium passes and some 2000 stardust! I wish now that mine was cancelled!

With the fiets ex raid in my area there were 6 people invited. 6 showed up

[edit] fiets—>first


With the fiets ja? Autocorrect? :stuck_out_tongue:
It could be that they lowered the treshhold for Deoxys… I guess even Niantic must recognize its weak.


Anyway, we still need one for the dex. The next one, i hope they cancel mine. Id rather have 7 premiums.