Deoxys attack forme after 20-12-2018

“Niantic have announced that after the next cycle of EX Raid invitations, going out after December 20th, Deoxys will appear in EX Raids in its Attack Forme. This form has got an increase in Attack stats but decrease in Defense. It’s currently unclear for how long Deoxys Attack Forme will remain in EX Raids.”


Nice, 2x Candies start soon as well can’t wait :blush:

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You can literally solo this form. It will cost you your best friends bonus ofcourse, so better to duo, but its not really gonna be a hard fight.


i was so tired of deoxy, even it’s other forms. Bring Mewtwo back🤦🏽‍♂️

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I’ll try to contain my excitement about having to Raid particular Gyms even if the Pokemon is rubbish just for the chance of catching another useless collector Pokemon. Not to mention the fickle nature of Ex Passes since we started Daylight savings a few weeks ago. So many Ex Raids have been lost to Clock Blocking as a lot of the regular Gyms are not giving out Ex Passes despite being Raided enough and all have had Eggs first thing in the morning when the Passes Go out.
Niantic have really dropped the ball on this issue and either can’t work out a fix or simply don’t care.

i didnt get a pass. Probably thats why hmm, oh well Deoxy and all its forms are whatever to me.