Defender doesn't return after being kicked out

I had my Shiny Togepi in a gym. Two hours ago it got kicked out of the gym and I recieved my coins. But it didn’t return completely.

In my Pokémon list it still has the defending symbol, in my badge overview the gym is shown as defended. But if I click on the badge there is no defender shown. And the Pokémons status is still in “gym layout” but with blank spaces where the gyms name would be. And clicking “Go to gym” doesn’t work.

Is there any solution for that bug?

Well, the account hasn’t updated yet on that change. The solutions:
restart the app or wait for a couple of minutes. I too have it sometimes

Well, it has been three hours now and it still has not returned. Maybe I have to wait over night…

Has it returned yet?

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edit : yet


Sorry, bad case of a typo :rofl:

I experienced the same thing. It took 2 days but I finally got it back. Not sure what caused it to not return. I messaged Niantic about it so I do not know if that was how the problem was solved or if it was something else.

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They should give you something…

Finally, it came back (after 24 h), even with full health. Thank you, Niantic, at least I save one Revive after this heart attack…


Wow, they gave you a bonus!

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Max revive, I would assume.

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In any case, I would be angry, but it doesn’t provoce a heart-attack.

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