December 2020 spotlights and bosses

Latest official Niantic announcement:

I’m psyched about Swinub spotlight Dec. 8 (2x catch Stardust) and Snorunt spotlight Dec. 22 (2x transfer candy). Not so much about another month of raids for ordinary Kyurem.

Absent from this is any mention of my keenest interests regarding December: whether / when will we have end-of-year cumulative community days, and whether/when we will be free to TM shadows away from Frustration. For me, the non-inclusion of those in their December events announcement is a source of (ahem) frustration…

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Oh god

I like darumaka and lapras, the rest sucks though

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I’m actually fine with Kyurem being in Raids for a while. Now I finally don’t have to buy so many Passes from my PokéCoins.


I hope the other Tier Raids have something worth while as normal Kyurem is very ordinary and not worthy or more than the Daily Free Pass.
ICE Darumaka is one I’m very interested in getting a great IV for the evolution.

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Dialga and Palkia with their shiny and/or signature moves are still not released, now Kyurem is being recycled already for a month, which is longer time than its debut, isn’t it?

You might be right there.
I’ve still got all mine as not sure if there’s going to be some importance to getting White or Black.
First one caught 9th July. Last one caught 23rd July. Mine all done in a 2 week window.