Dead Pokestops question

Hi there,

Can anyone Share informations regarding dead pokestops. I have 2 ,Close to my House (2x churches) and there was never a spawn. only with lures in it.
does anyone have an idea how to revive them?


There is nothing you can do about it, but they should start spawning eventually. Spawn Points are not tied directly to PokéStops, but Niantic adds them after a while.


I‚Äôve noticed that several of the portals in Ingress that are near ‚Äúdead‚ÄĚ pokestops have not had any action around them, and the XM fields are also dead. I went and captured the portals, and that brought the XM back, and it also seemed to bring the pokemon back. It may just have been coincidence though.

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@apavlinovic and @Larian, maybe it’s worth for an investigation? If the portals are dead, it’s easy enough for even low level Ingress players to capture them. It’s only writing down the date of capture, and after waiting how much time goes on until a spawn is seen.

A lot is connected with the Ingress portals but if spawning is connected to them I at least am happy to be in an active Ingress environment

It’s only a hypotesis over a single observation… from there to a real conection is a long way :smiley:

The more XM,the more Pokemon

ty so long. so i have look for some ingress Players…