De-evolving a pokemon

I just mistakenly evolved a 15-15-13 Charmeleon I was saving for community day, Do you guys know if Niantic can help me to undo this? I don’t think Ill be able to get candies and a charmeleon as good as that one, I’m super sad


Probably not

You could ask Niantic but I don’t think they’ll help you.

I think you cant get it back.But you can try it.

Don’t evolve to charizard yet wage for event

That’s the whole point🤦🏻‍♂️

I said it’s no big deal just don’t evolve it to charizard

too late bro, I hit the evolve button by accident, I just wanna know if this can be undone

I’m sorry for you doubt way to undo it

No way…It can’t be happened
And it’s possible for few Pokemons like Z1 (squishy), Z2, Zygarde 50% and Zygarde final form…It can get back to Z1 Again

I think Niantic should add a Devolve button. It would help!!

I like your idea, but don’t forget some things:

  • If you de-evolve, you can also get the babies. That’s not what Niantic wants.

  • If you get your Candy back also, you can evolve and de-evolve the Pokémon everytime. So you can easily farm XP.

  • If you do not get your candies back it’s useless.

  • If you evolve a Metang into your first Metagross but you don’t want it, you can de-evolve too. You don’t have the Metagross anymore, so it shouldn’t be registered in the Pokédex. But it already is.

  • How would you like to do that with seen and caught in the Pokédex?

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I can confirm that Niantic will refuse to replace any wrongly evolved or transferred items/pokemon


So @abrajamha ask Niantic. Otherwise you won’t get your Charmeleon back I guess.

The only way for a Pokemon to devolve is in the anime, when a shellder Lets loose of a slowbro’s Tail or a slowking’s head

That is Not evolving, but forme change

That’s not anything pokemon goes by. It would be straying away too much from the games.

No way it’s not shown in Anime in any episode :thinking:…If you know link here