Daily Tasks not research

Niantic should implement more daily tasks. More log in day rewards. 7 days is nice and all but how about being active an entire month. Also more drop “certain” pokemon in gym or hold gym per hours and tasks that revolve around recieveing stardust


You have many good ideas… You sure you do not want to join our collaboration of ideas?

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I would like rewards for having Pokemon on gyms for extended amount of time my longest streak is 6 months would like some kind of award for that

Here you go

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Since they introduced the daily catch and spin bonus I didn’t miss a single day… A bonus for several weeks or for a whole month (or more…) would be awesome. I have often wondered why there is no such thing…
It doesn’t necessarily need to be XP and/or stardust. I’d be happy with some nice items (Lucky Eggs, Raid Passes, Incubators, TMs, you get the idea…)

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Do you want to join the collaboration? Just visit pokemon’s ideas to improve the hub and select "I want to collaborate":sunglasses::grin:

  • More daily tasks
  • No
  • extend 7 days to 30 days log in with rewards
  • Come on Ninatic make me play
  • More dust some how please
  • I log in alot but no incentive need more!

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7 days - evolution item
14 - lucky egg
21 - incubator, lure moduel,4500 stardust
30 days - Raid pass, super incubator, 5500 dust

Of course days im between are gettimg dust/xp

days 21 and 30 stardust might need to be changed.

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Seems we will get this very soon.


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