Current Ex Raid Pokemon

Anyone know what the current ex raid Pokémon is?

Should be Regigigas.

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Thanks, no point taking a day off for another one then :joy:

huh? tommorows Ex raid = Regigigas. You don’t want a second one (asuming you did the paid event) or you misread and still think it is Mewtwo?
Either way, your reply sounds a bit off…

I done the paid event and already have one, so no point to have another, atleast not if it means not getting a days pay.

Our raid today was Regigigas, which was easy to beat with a group of 10 (overflow from the first lobby, which filled quickly). Several (including me) had it run away; mine fled after 13 throws (9 of which were great or excellent).

Some said they had read its base capture rate was 2% instead of the 6% customary for EX raids, but I have no knowledge to confirm OR refute any of that.

Apparantly it WAS 2%, but should be changed to 6% by now. So basically Niantic pulled a “Niantic” and forgot to change the value in the game master file…
You got scr*wed over sadly. Hopefully youll get another chance.

Thanks for the info. My next chance is next Monday, and I already expected to do a little better at catching, having a little more familiarity from today’s encounter. (Maybe I’ll do more than a little better, given the prospect of normalized catch rates by then.)

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Aha, now i understand.

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I have both, the paid version and the one from ex-raid.
There is one difference, the first comes with level 15, the second with level 25. So the second needs lesser candies (48) to max him out.

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Well, if its weather boosted.
I got a 10-13-11 today thats level 20. The fight wasnt that hard (16 players) and catching went pretty easy aswell. Only needed 4 balls.

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