Current buddy = Egg hatch?

This was something I’ve noticed in my time playing Pokemon Go. As with most people, you assign your buddy for something that you struggle to get candies for (my current buddy is Lileep). I caught one Lileep just when it was released, and have never seen another one in the wild. About a week after I set it as my buddy, I hatched one from an egg and it boosted the candies by 15.

I feel like I’ve noticed this trend before, that you’re more likely to hatch a Pokemon that is set as your buddy. I assume there isn’t actually a correlation between the two, but I’d be interested to see if anyone else has noticed this in their time playing Pokemon Go.

I guess its time tp get Marill and Wobuffet buddies…

I’ve had my only lileep as my buddy for the past 80km and still have not hatched one even though I’ve been hatching almost exclusively 5km eggs.

Bagon has been my buddy for over 200km and haven’t hatched even one bagon during that time

Nope. You only hatch one after you’ve already evolved one and moved on to the next monster.

Shame it’s not true. Never hatched a Feebas after I evolved it. Same for Lileep.

I assumed it just happens to be some decent luck on my part, but always found it strange.