Criteria for increasing Rising Star Duo count

I’ve done several hundred raids in the past three months alone and my count for the rising Star Duo medal has not increased by the Same amount of raids I’ve done recently, and I am always raiding with my two in game best friends right next to me, how is it calculated? What criteria or conditions must be met?

Shouldn’t that increase when you win raids with friends? I would think 1 point per raid en with at least 1 friend; not sure though

Sorry can’t help with that one.

its 1 credit for reide/friend set per day (like friend interaction)
ex: you do raid 1 time with ppl1 win 1 credit. If you do 10 raids with ppl1 in same day win 1 credit. If you wnats more credit do raid with others ppls.

If you do a reide with 5 friends wi win 1 credit and if in same do do another reide with one os these five no more credits…

Many guys with “alt account” only win 1 credit per day…

If you confused think this credit is like friendship interaction. Dont matter how many interactions with taht friend. Always count only ONE per day.


Thanks for finding that out!

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