Crafting Berries

Simple: we make a quest that rewards us with a tool to mix together berries to combine their effects.
2 Razz +2 Pinap = 1 Silver Pinap
Golden Razz still unmixable
*Edited from 1+1=1 to 2+2=1. That way we add that little extra work.

Just a way to free our spaces. I’m always living on edges with 2k.

What about that?


I always throw unwanted berrys on gyms for stardust. Never really have a shortage either. But i can see how some people would want this.
You could make it that 10 normal razz gives you 1 golden razz. But i doubt Niantic would do such a thing. If they give golden razz away for free they lose more money. A problem they have anyways for the next 6 months with all the dissapointing legendary raids were gonna get.

I mean dissapointing in the sense that because of their moveset, they will never be the top pick counter.

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I’m from the Yellow team, and it’s a bit hard to find gyms to dump my berries! They always go to the grinder.
You’re right about these raids. I’m sitting at 330 Golden Razz, and don’t have the guts to throw half of them away.

This is a great idea…I think it whould be 2 regular razz because one g razz has more catch power than a silver pinap

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