CP drops when evolved?

Is this normal? I’ve had it 3x now, niece had it twice… have a Pokemon, evolved it, and the CP actually dropped.

Last time was I think a Turtwig, went from around 600CP, evolved and came out around 400CP.

wondering if a glitch? or unlucky but known to happen?

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It does happen when you evolve a Trapinch or Weedle. Turtwig though, shouldn’t happen.


I’ve evolved Weedle before, never a Trapinch yet, not often I see those here to catch.

But, all 3 of mine that dropped, none were weedle/trapinch.

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It happened to me with a Squirtle and Rampiros

It happened with me too, is there a reason for the drop ?

Maybe it’s a joke for April fools :slightly_smiling_face::sparkles:

Coworker insists I’m crazy and it never happens, so, kinda glad I’m not the only one.

Still makes no sense that it evolves up and powers down.

Had that 3x now, and 2x I had it where I caught something and it showed up as something else. Last time I caught a Wailmer, was on my screen, caught, then said I got 3 hoppip candies and sure enough showed up in the index as a hoppip. Very annoyed because really need those Wailmer candies. Got a 100IV/Lucky from a trade and want to evolve that big fella. :smiley:

Makes sense due to different base stats

Nothing in the game makes sense… I have trees with eggs in them, and snakes make outta rocks… it’s madness!

Thats the beauty of math, it always makes sense
Except when Turtwig’s CP drops, are you sure it was 600 - 400?

Yeah, considering today and the subject itself, I have a hard time believing it as well.

As previously mentioned, Trapinch when it evolves into Vibrava does lose some CP, mainly due to its severe drop in Defense.


Attack you mean

My bad. Yes, that is true.

Thought a turtwig, maybe not… don’t really walk around with a notebook logging that stuff. :smiley:

But I know 100% for certain it was not a Trapinch because I don’t have one evolved yet at all. Rare time I get one, it’s IV is in the 70’s so been holding off.

Couldve been weedle…

Naw… haven’t evolved a Weedle in … ? Probably 10 months easily.

Others said happened to them as well… though oddly no evolved Squirtle yet. Another one where just been in no rush and waiting for an IV that doesn’t suck. No Rampardos yet either, I think community day event this month is for those so just waiting.

If I’m being honest I think the posts I’ve quoted above are trying to fool us and you did probably think the CP went down.

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Ya, I’m not really into the April Fool’s stuff… I was posting about another issue I had and thought I’d ask about this one. I’ve had it a few times, niece as well, just didn’t commit the exact pokemon/cp to memory because why would I? I know it wasn’t a weedle because haven’t touched those in forever, and I know 100% for sure it wasn’t Trapinch because I still have a greyed out silhouette for it’s eveolution because it’s never been evolved.

Just figured it either happens, but rare, or, it’s a glitch that happens and not supposed to.

A Turtwig with 600 is between level 20 and 25, a Grortle of 400 is between level 8 and 10…

Something very strange if a Pokémon evolving looses about 10-15 levels…

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Youve just rembembered it wrong, some Pokemon lose CP because of their stats
Its not a glitch nor an april fools joke