CP change is live

Just changed in the last 20 minutes.


You beat me to it. I wish I hadn’t just got rid of all my potions to make space for balls (I don’t raid much due to being rural).

I have a lot of Pokemon to potion

Yeah, started counting, about 300 pokemon in im not even halfway done…

Top 12 before CP change:

And top 12 after CP change:

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And I just got my potion stock back up :sob::sob::sob:now I need more potions!

I wouldnt be suprised if everyone gets everything healed btw. Didnt they do that before with the first CP change?

Holy Helix this is AMAZING

I honestly don’t know, I hope they do. Cuz I’m not going to use my potions to heal them.

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lmao so pretty much everything Ive powered up is actually stronger?

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Lol CP change is rolled back :sweat_smile:


What a tease that was!

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What was that about? :joy:

Well someone worked hard:

All CP changes up till GEN3

This is suprising… Shedninja got boost in stamina. BTW thx for data

Is this live on iOS too? I don’t have it


I haven’t had it happen yet


IIRC the first CP change featured more significant REDUCTIONS in CP than increases. I distinctly recall reaching 400 Magikarp candies one night, feeling the urge to evolve my 201 CP Magikarp, deciding to wait one more week just in case I got a better CP right after the 400 was reached, and then finding its CP was dropped to 180 the next day. I was supremely ticked off and filed an angry bug report…

Were any CPs reduced yesterday along with the observed increases?

13 reduced, 417 increased.

See google doc few posts up to check.