Country change, Pokemon Go works or not?

I am going out of my country for few days , can I play Pokemon Go in another country on the same iD . Or will I face a ban ??
Pls advice.

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As long as you play fair and square, no third party software, you will be fine.

Travelling from country to country is expected by developer of Pokemon Go. and if you ever get banned, you can have proof that you really travel like an entry and exit stamp on your passport, you can use that to appeal your case to Niantic, if ever.


I’m going to another country in 2 weeks so tell me some advice too

Its allowed. How else would you ever get regional Pokemon?


Ok good it’s allowed and I’m going to Malaysia :malaysia:

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I didn’t have any trouble playing in Jamaica. Had to stay on the resort WiFi though…

You don’ty need to change anything. Because you travel (by airplane for example) you need time to get to the other country. That time you’re offline from the game. I have had no problems playing in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK and Czech Republic.
3rd party software can be a deal, so make sure you’ve got that switched off, not for the ingame usage (getting banned) but for the law (use of illegal software i.e.)

Web games (now called apps on mobile phones) are not locked on your carrier service or location. They depend on your connection to the web.
You can go anywhere and play, if you can access some internet service (take care with roaming mobile, internet is super expensive on some countries, even with your roaming services), GPS will place you there and fetch the game data for that location. It happens everytime you play when the game updates spawns or open events.
Using programs to place your mobile phone on some other place, that is ilegal and can get you blocked.


From Belgium, was in Malaysia & Singapore in September. I had no problems playing Pokemon Go.

As long as you play Pokemon Go as you normally do do, there won’t be a problem.

Take for instance your GPS puts your account in New-Zealand to catch a Relicanth and 30 minutes later you catch a pokemon at home. That’s a dead give-away for Niantic you were spoofing because it’s physically impossible to do. Kind of obvious. Also the same reason why spoofers usually stay in an area for a decent amount of time before they move on, not to raise any red flags.


I had no issues when I traveled to Europe, and I didn’t do anything special except let my phone carrier know that I was going to be in Europe for 3 weeks.

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