Could Be a FAQs

Sorry for these noob queries, just want some confirmation…

  1. Is what they say as Gen IV pokemons are the pokemons from Sinnoh Region?

  2. I have hatched pokemons from eggs with half HP, is this because of what they say about CP Balancing?

  1. Gen IV or gen 4 Pokémon are Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

  2. Yes. Do not heal them, that happens automatically. I’ve never healed my Shiny Poochyena and it got all its HP back. At least, I think I did not heal it.


Thanks for the confirmation.

  1. Does activities related to Adventure Sync like 50km gives egg as reward? I have reach 50+km once but my inventory have 9 full eggs so I was not able to prove if it really reward eggs that could hatch into something nice. Anyone could shed light on this?
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Yes there’s a chance you can get eggs from the adventure sync rewards. Both 5km or 10km eggs are available but you have to have egg spaces available.
Have a read of this, it should answer your questions on this.


Thanks! I have tried it already but I have not receive an egg once even if I had three spaces for eggs. Maybe it is not guaranteed all the time.

I have got one after hitting more than 50kms on the succeeding week.

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10 km eggs from adventure sync guarentee riolu and shinx.
Any other questions?


10 km eggs from adventure sync guarentee riolu and shinx. - Nice!
Any other questions? - I’m thinking still… :grin:

  1. What if I used Lucky Egg then got disconnected or log out, will it continue if the 30minutes is not yet finished?

addition - and the user relogin again… sorry for the confusion.

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I just do it for a cost of 2 Lucky Egg and it did. Just don’t know if up to the last minute as I shifted with 3minutes in my account and it was already time’s up when I goes back.

I guess the server, just ties the 30minutes with each account so if you got disconnected either accidentally or deliberately, when you come back online and your 30minutes tier is not yet fully consumed as the server recorded, it will still be active on your game.

And I think that is just more logical, both virtual and in real life. :grin:

Note: The Lucky Egg does not go to waste as my daughter’s account gain 100,000XP after we have been an Ultra Friend just this very moment. Unlucky for me, mine have already expired so I just get the 50,000XP :sob:

I believe I have also done this with Incense long ago, same result.

  1. What’s the basis of Pokemon Level? I just don’t know it :grin:

How would I know if a pokemon is high level or low level or what’s its level?

During trading, some pokemon got my attention and their CP/HP is highlighted in ORANGE and will be downgraded to a much lower range, I know that was because my trademate is two levels below me.

I believe pokemon CP is not the basis of their level right? or is it their HP? I don’t know the right answer, that’s why I ask… :grin:


Don’t understand?

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My additional question here: The Lucky Guarantee

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wut? lucky eggs, starpieces and incenses continue and will run out even if you log out or DC

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Thats what I was saying


he asked “will it continue?”

you answered: “no”

you said the opposite

  1. Does anyone know or have idea how long a particular spawn lives in game before being substituted?

I was just curious from what I read in another thread regarding why such other “Rare” pokemons are not being spawned in the game.

One answered due to spoofers. Maybe true, maybe not, but isn’t it that spoofing for a particular pokemon is only possible due to others who have encountered it and then reporting its current location? Only by then that a spoofer could be in advantage compared to players who will actually travel to the spot.

Then WHAT IF Niantic should make it for every pokemon or even just those “rares” to just spawn ONCE in-game in a particular spot, then completely disappear when CAUGHT once by a player, or after a set time had elapse like 2 minutes or whatever. With that, no one could take advantage of seeing it and then sharing it to another specially “spoofers”. It could also create a better randomization of spawn aside from being able to address the “why rare pokemons does not appear in the wild” question.

One challenge could be technical (programming, etc) but I think it is possible.

Currently most pokemon stick around for 30 minutes, which one time was only 15 minutes.
There are some exceptions (lure spawns) but normally it’s 30 minutes.

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It is somewhat longer than I expected. Maybe Niantic want more people to access them, and that is one reason though that the system of (I will call) “Find and Tell” is currently working. I believe there are website out there, apps, and of course, social media and comm groups (Discord, etc) that currently rely on this “long spawn time”.

Advantageous to most people, can also be exploited by others.