Corsola in Europe

Well, its official. Just caught this one in the Netherlands:

1 step closer to a full Pokedex. Im happy :slight_smile:

Only available for 48 hours.


Cool deal! I had to go to Jamaica to get mine.

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Oh. Is it because of the dortmund thing? I was already wondering. I just caught 2 In Utrecht writhing minutes of eachother‚Ķ Glad I found your post because I was so confused to find one outside of its ‚Äėspawn region‚Äô.

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I can confirm they’re here in Northern Ireland as well

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I see a few on my sightings too.
Niantic did something great here!


I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Tauros though

Can’t wait to see that Niantic


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i have got Some as Well. But i already had three :joy:

agree to disagree.

This was a predictable extra reward that only benefits people who DIDN’T go to Dortmund, So the Safari goers got screwed twice now.
If you went to Dortmund on saturday, even with all the problems that were present there, if you din’t get a Corsola then you must have done something wrong in a previous life or so because that is impossible.

So who wins here? The people that didn’t go, and the people that experienced all the problems and deserve something in return get nothing except some extra catches on a pokemon they already have.


It is better that nothing. And Niantic can not get events for specific persons. And Niantic does not know where people live so this is the best solution they could come up with, i think. The side effect is that everyone in europe can catch corsola.

I like it. Regionals are just stupid.

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True. It’s they only thing they could do. that’s why i said it was a predictable reward.
This doesn’t change the fact it’s a stupid reward :smile:

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If it were tauros it would be better

No its not better than nothing, why did they even release them like that?People that didnt go get them and they spit in faces of those who did go
Boosted spawn and shiny rate on Roselia would be enough

So yeah, the people that didnt go definitely win here. And the people that did go got screwed a bit.
BUT: There were some issues in other places aswell. We were unable to raid for a while cause of server problems here.
And you can email niantic if you went to Dortmund and theyll sent you a few ingame items. Its not much, but its something…

I found one in France.

Why can we get these in the good ole US of A or have to travel to Miami to get a Heracross, or wherever to get unknowns.
To me it is unfair that people have to travel half way around the world to complete their pokedexes.
I am missing a Khangaskhan and a Mr Mime to complete the Kanto region.
I also need a volbeat for the Hoenn region.
And I need unowns Heracross, and a corsola to complete the Johto region.
Niantic is it asking to much to share?

BTW I did get a Lunatone last night and the Articuno event at Eisenhower park here in East Meadow went very well, lots of people showed up, I caught 2 shiny ones.

It would be a great place to hold an event there, great park, be great for us Long Islanders who can not afford to travel around the world.


We had server issues during the Articuno Community day here as well people getting kicked out of gyms, not being able to get in, but we made it work

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I have caught like 97 tauros lol but only have farfetched as another regional… have solrock, cant find lunatone.

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Same I was in my only raid that we could beat when I was kicked out of the raid and Articuno day ended.

We do need more regional events as discussed here

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