Confirmed: Pokestops changing into Gyms

I just noticed that a bunch of former Pokestops near me have now been changed into gyms. Of course they are still under construction but this is nice to see as it seems there will be more gyms around to compete for!

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That is great news! More incentive to stay local.

It is also a great way to make sure more people can play. Since they are limiting the amount of Pokemon in each gym to 6 I was concerned as to gyms being harder to get into. But this is a welcomed change that goes along nicely. It makes sense as well since gyms will be spinnable and be rewarding items. Can’t wait for the update to go live!


Same here, got a new gym right in front of my house. I’m really excited to see the update when it’s finished now!

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Congrats on getting a gym by your house!

As for me, two stops have changed to gyms. Not bad. Fun to see it happening in front of my eyes. When one of the stops was in the process of being converted to a gym, it said “Network Error” as I tried to spin the stop. After several spins, it dropped items per usual. Then, a few minutes later, it became a gym-under-construction.

I found 3 Pokestops in my town that have been converted. I can’t say that I am very excited at this point, we don’t have that many Pokestops so losing 3 of them hurts, especially since 2 are on this slick route that I have mapped out so I can do laps and spins stops with my Go plus.

Gyms are going to act similar to pokestops in the sense that you will still be able to spin them. Not sure what items will drop from them exactly but I don’t think you have a reason to be disappointed!

Hope you’re right but Niantic has a history of poor decisions that makes me a little leary.

Yes I experienced this as well for which is awesome

About 5 pokestops in my town turned to gyms and same for the other nearby town I play in. So exciting!!!