Concerns for rural and remote players

Although Niantic has gone through leaps and bounds as of late to improve the players ability to receive some much needed items from battles and friend gifts, there is still the matter of not being able to get pokeballs as easily. Don’t get me wrong, getting pokeballs in friend gifts is helpful and I have over forty friends on my list. With the virus going around, friend gifts are getting more scarce with more and more players staying indoors. As a result, the other options would be to brave the outside world and go where it’s more populated or spend money on coins for pokeballs. If neither are an option then the players could walk at least 5km and wait until Monday to get 20 pokeballs, which is great unless the player comes across a rare Pokemon with high CP. Lost track of how often that’s happened where I’ve blown through all 20 trying to catch it.


Yes, it’s a problem. I’m still using the stock I have been able to get along time, but it will not stay eternal. Everyday in the morning I complete the minimum (catch a poke, turn a stop, give your buddy what he needs and complete an investigation), more I can’t do, because we are confined at home and we cannot walk around.
Well, there are jokes of renting a dog, so you can go on a walk with him… (my cats don’t want to go out…)

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Niantic should put 100 Pokeballs for 1 coin in the shop… similar to what they did with incense… but let you buy as many as you need not just a one-off purchase.

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I have the opposite. I have Balls enough and I can get more of them whenever I want, because I have a PokéStop ‘in’ my house, but no Pokémon to catch. Therefore I’m saving a lot of Research Encounters right now.


@Jormdeworm For all the players in your situation I suggest Niantic puts another item in the shop… 50 sentrets for 1 coin! :crazy_face::grinning:


That would be awesome lol.


Why sentrets? Lol

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Better than Furret though

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True. At least I could evolves sentrets and get a bit of exp to level up.

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I chose sentrets because I didn’t want the offer to be too enticing.

For me they represent the ultimate in humdrum Pokémon - the epitome of mundanity. Maybe it’s because they are so common where I live. I guess they might be exotic for some! :upside_down_face::grinning:

They’re pretty common here too, but even the most mundane Pokemon can be useful. Especially since I was only able to start catching at home when Pokemon habitats expanded last year.

I haven’t been going out much since I was sick. But today I got cleared by my doctor to return to work on Sunday. I hit over 100 stops and gyms to replenish my supply. So all my Lucky Friends got presents today too.

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Awesome. What gifts I have to send out, I have saved up for almost a month now.

Niantic must have read this. A Growlithe just spawned in my house on a place I have never seen something spawning before. :face_with_monocle:

Edit: A Snover just spawned on another spawn point in my house. I wish Niantic kept the new spawnpoints😔

They did keep them, but at least you have a pokestops.

I’m not sure what you mean by, „They did keep them”? The spawns seem to be here with the new event, but it’s highly likely they’ll go after the event. Or maybe after the COVID-19 virus problem.

There are currently 11 spawn points in my garden… and double dust for catching them… but I have no pokeballs…

I couldn’t do the Genesect research even if I paid for the ticket.
The situation is ridiculous - and it would be so easy to remedy…

100 Pokeballs for 1 coin - do it Niantic!!!



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New spawn points they’re popping up everywhere.

I still think I do not understand what you are trying to tell me but there might be a miscommunication somewhere…