Community Item Challenge!

Here is an idea for a challenge I had, that is based off having the most or least of one item. Lets start with pokeballs. So post how many pokeballs, and if you have the most or least by the end of the day you win!!

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Feel free to start, @coolguy761.

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I have 420 pokeballs!

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I have 127 pokeball

I have way less pokeballs than either of you, don’t bother to write it out now :wink:

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Is it zero

Less than 50 :wink:

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You and @Pokemon are both lapras lovers

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@alex9945 is a lapras lover too


I have 101 pokeballs but if we ever do ultra balls i probably win

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Now can we do great ball @Pokemon

I have 500 Great balls!


I think you won the great ball

Wait I think @pokemon is asleep :sleeping:

@pokemon can I be assistant

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Now I have 158 pokeball

@coolguy761 you can take over. Just change the item every day.