Community Day spawns in cities?

I have only participates in 2 of the community days and i was both times away from the city (not in parks either im afraid) so i have to ask… Did dratini and bulbasaur spawn in the cities as well??? I dont have parks in my island (yes its true) with pokestops being far between them unless i go in the main city. Will i find mareep there???

In both other days I found them inside the city, in places without parks. Maybe the frecuency in parks is higher…

Found the event spawns both in parks and outside parks. Didn’t notice any difference in spawnrate.
Funny enough, I didn’t notice many eventspawns coming from lures on pokestops. Doesn’t make lures any worse though, they’ll last 3 hours instead of only half an hour. And if your area lacks some supposedly common pokemons, like Magicarps, than all those lures may even help you out! I caught several last time, at lured pokestops in the middle of the city, away from any water-zoned areas.

Yes there were loads in my nearest city, for the dratini day, in 3 hours I had enough for a shiny of each evolution and a normal version of each evolution too. I was at work for the bulbasaur day and not one popped up (I was in a village) but the rest of the family went to the city and it was the same as the dratini day they got all the evolutions in normal plus shiny.

Yes, yes. I think everything is much more common in urban areas.

I’m in a medium sized town in South UK and there were everywhere, main town, parks and the suburbs. Though generally we get spawn everywhere anyway so it’s probably just down to your general spawn rate.

My son and I did first 2 Community Days in parks and caught lots of good stuff. I had to work during Bulbasaur Community Day. I still caught lots of Bulbasaurs but not as many as in a park. My son took our dogs for a walk in our neighborhood and had a similar expieriance. We are going to face the same circumstances this Sunday. You will be better off getting Mareep in a park, but for those 3 hours, you should find plenty wherever you are as long as you get a cell signal.

Lol if everything is right, it will spawn everywhere, but mostly right to PokéStops or lures.

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