Community day shinies

Are shinies released on community days now available in the wild? Like could I still catch a shiny Eevee even though the community days are over?


Once the shiny is released, you will always have a chance of catching it.

So, to answer your question: Yes, you can still catch a Community Day shiny. You can still catch a shiny Eevee.

Only do note the shinies will be a lot rarer now.


Well CD is still going so they probably aren’t available in the wild right now.

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They should be.

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My CD hasn’t even started yet :joy:


Yes, and?

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No, I was just saying… :sweat_smile: about the CD shinies…

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Oh ok. If I’m right you should be able to catch a shiny Eevee right now, even if your Eevee CD hasn’t begun yet. Only the shiny rates are low now…

It just started ! :grin: Gotta go

Catching shiny on Cday is best time to get a shiny. Other than Cday its rather very difficult in finding one randomly.

Yes very true.

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I still haven’t found shiny Roselia and Minun, because I was on vacation when they spawned like crazy. But I got a shiny Plusle.

I missed quite a few of the first community days because of work, but at least I know there’s still hope to catch the shinies, even if it’s a tiny chance :joy: