Community day Pokemon Revealed for months to come?


King shiny ralts!

I dont think unown

But doesn’t It look pretty good and legit? And Yay king shiny ralts

Ralts will still probably be this month cd

This month?In July?

Ya, the chart says it and everyone else is saying it

Lol I predicted all these (except Porygon & Unown) will appear, looks like I’m right. However, I don’t really trust this chart, because Porygon requires an Evolution Stone to evolve. I don’t think Niantic will ever make it a CD. Same for Unown. I really don’t think Unown will be a CD. Why? Because most of the regional events aren’t worth something anymore.

The others look legit. I did not make this chart

Note. It doesn’t say unown. It says gen 4

August u mean??

It says unown for august 2019. Thats what @Kevin260709 means.

Where was this found?

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In the bottom it says gen 4 but if it just means the forms, then your right. But I think it’s just a question for wich gen it’ll be

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I found this on the replies to Pokemon GO Hub Twitter’s page for Zapdos Day.

Looks about right. Loving the shinies.

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The chart is incorrect - Eevee is August’s CD!


YEP IT IS! @Jormdeworm

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